A Honeywell backup generator takes care of your family and home - automatically

Reliable electricity is easy to take for granted—at the touch of switch it’s almost always there. And while weather-related outages make news across the country, demand on an aging power grid is making brownouts an all too common occurrence. Your home relies on power more than ever before to run your refrigeration, lights

well pump, sump pump, appliances, home offices, entertainment systems and more. Trust a Honeywell automatic backup generator to protect what matters most during a power outage, whether you’re home or away.

It fuels automatically.

A permanently installed backup generator is fueled automatically, much like your furnace or other natural-gas or liquid propane powered appliances. The generator is connected to your existing fuel supply to deliver clean, worry-free power. If you’re away from home when the power goes out, you won’t have to worry about a thing.